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I Went to DragonFlight a table top game convention here in Wa state at the Bellevue Hilton that was over the weekend Fri-Sun.  Tons of games, got to see some of the new ones being play tested.  Pretty nice, went to the auction where people sell some of there games, had some table top games that retailed at almost $500 for the game and all expansion items.  Pretty amazing. Managed to walk away with over $1K dollars worth of new games (New to me) some of the games were never punched, (where you punch out the game pieces from the factory cardboard units in the game box, meaning it was never used.) all the games I got for about $150 which considering the retail of them all it’s an amazing deal.  Had about 33 games I came home with, one of them still factory sealed in shrink wrap that retails at about $120 which I bid and got at $22, so yah that was awesome.  Had a fellow bid on super dungeon explorer lot which had Fallen king base set which is out of print along with a bunch of other super dungeon explorer items, which he already had the base set, so he let me buy that from him for under$31 it’s a collector item and no longer available so that was awesome, probably retails for a significant amount on secondary market. But he is about playing the games and getting the games into the hands of those who would enjoy it.  That’s one I will keep forever. And the family and I should enjoy that for many years.

it was as much fun for me to hang out in the auction room over the weekend then it was to actually play the games at the convention. Literally hundreds upon hundreds of detailed complex table top games, card games, miniatures games, board games, and not one Milton bradly in the bunch. Things like Machi-koro, mystic vale, card kingdoms of Veleria, and many different deck-builder gamers for the card games, a new board game coming out called “Crows” was really a nice board game (I’ll be buying that one at some point, merchants and marauders, tons and tons of games.

for those of you who think, board games, and the image of monopoly, Sorry, Trouble come up, those are not considered gamer games those are kinda crap compared to the games you find at the conventions. Not to say your childhood was crap, it’s just that those are kinda lame once you open to]he door to these very creative games that are out now.

Check out a YouTube channel called Dice Tower, to get an idea of what these guys at the convention consider “Real games”

As far as the card games I would very heavily suggest mystic vale to add to your collection of card games for home.  It’s easy, awesome, and you can get a lot of matches in with a reasonable time frame. Uno sucks compared to this one. So if your one of those individuals who never really considered table top games with friends and family as a thing, that’s because the local target, Wallmart, or other retailers are not anywhere in the loop for real board and card games.

A local game shop where all the geeky teens hang out may have the games I speak of here. But mostly Amazon is to go to source for these that and to get a feel for which ones you might like start going through the Dice Tower YouTube pod cast channel because they rate and play every crazy game you never heard of.

Dice Tower.

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