Temporary Site Face


The dark web, or somewhat hazy web attacked my site, but everything is backed up off line so no issues there.  Nothing really damaged or lost, everything else secured. And I caught it minutes after it happened so mitigated everything that could have been a serious issue.  Just a pain though, so much for a day on PS4, site was passive and wasn’t really doing anything active. Only had a re-direct and some CG images I had created (also backed up) so nothing lost.

the target wasn’t the site directly, but was my word press blog. Which I now have as the front page for Psyberwolf.com

you guys failed at that too.  Probably a hack attempt on Word press trying to backdoor other stuff.

needless to say. All they managed to take down was my logo redirect page. So sad, too bad, no damage done.

but I guess everyone gets to see the blog now instead of having it buried and not connected to the site through direct links. I think the only way to really get connected to my blog was through WordPress itself.


that was a thorough waste of about a half hour of my time.  But the good news is it motivated me to get my site active again.

i am still working on Empire Decentis Galaxies, even though I am not publishing the work and progress. S0 none of that stuff is on the web.

cheers, and I’ll Go walk the dog through the woods for a victory lap against the hackers.


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